This 2019 we have done

Acupuncture Training at Bathalapalli Hospital

This August 2019 three medical acupuncturists (Maite Fuertes, Cristina Domingo and Isabel Giralt) went to Bathalapalli Hospital ( Fundación Vicente Ferrer ) to teach Medical Acupuncture . We have 6 rural doctors of the Foundation as students and Dr. Kannan, director of the palliative area, as well .

We talked about treatments for insomnia, dyspnea, gastralgias, sinusitis, nausea, vomiting and digestive pain. Also how to treat musculoskeletal pain, ciatalgia and talalgia, as well as headaches, migraines and hemiplegia. We have reviewed  auriculotherapy treatments and how to use the electric stimulator, moxas and cupping.

In addition, we have practiced puncture by treating more than 150 patients in the afternoons after the morning classes and we have visited the area of physiotherapy to treat some patients in that area.

On the last day we visited Dr. Chandra Mohau's Narpala clinic and saw the work of this rural Doctor and his advances using Acupuncture as a very useful tool in his health work.

In a meeting with Dr. Kannan, he told us he is very interested in continuing with Acupuncture training for future promotions of anesthesiologists and physiotherapists at Bathalapalli Hospital. He proposes to open a new training group next summer in a new Mission of  Acupuntura para el Mundo.

Sister Anne Ferrer welcomed us as always at the end of our work, she was happy with our work and pleased to know that Dr. Kannan is willing to enhance the practice of Acupuncture in the Bathalapalli Hospital.

We are very grateful to Fundación Vicente Ferrer that always is ready to make our work more easy and useful.

May 2019 concert

At the Centro Artesà Tradicionàrius on May 23, 2019 Acupuncture for the World promoted a magnificent Swing concert. The SHAKING´ALL musical group formed by seven excellent musicians, kept the dance rhythm all the time without stopping.

Among the friends, family, patients, fellow professionals, members of the management of the Maria Lluisa de Marillac Center, a couple of students of the Acupuncture Master appeared, expert Swing dancers who managed to infect everyone present with their skills.

We want to thank once again the solidarity shown, both for those who attended the event, and for all those who supported us from the zero row. Your company pushes us to continue the teaching work that we are doing so dearly.

The farewell voice placing us "until next year" has undoubtedly been the best support to continue our project.

Thank you all

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