This 2018 we have done

Mission Bodhgaya 2018

From September 23 to 29, 2018 we have given the last phase of group formation in Bodhgaya. The 8 students are 8, doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, they already have a level of knowledge that allows them to treat the main and painful pathologies.

All work in the NGO KARUNA, directed by Mathieu Ricard, who works in the field of health and rural development.

We have obtained for Dr. Jaya a scholarship to study in China. Upon her return, she will help us as an assistant professor to start a new cycle of Acupuncture teaching to new healthcare professionals.

This fulfills one of our objectives: that it is the professionals of the area who help to train future promotions

6th cycle of classes of the 2nd mission at Bathallapalli Hospital

In January 2018 we carried out our sixth cycle of classes for the second teaching mission at the Bathallapalli Hospital of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in India.

Attending were ten students, four from a previous cycle and five from the current cycle, as well as Dr. Kannan , Chief of Palliative Care at the  Bathallapalli Hospital .

The interpreter, Mrs.  Srimaty,  worked impeccably and tirelessly  with her high level of skill to help us transmit our teachings to the participating students.

The professors for this cycle were Dr. Natalia Eres and Dr. Isabel Giralt.

The course began on 2 January 2018 in the afternoon and finished on 6 January midday. The theoretical part was given in the morning from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the practice sessions took place from 3 to 6 p.m. More than thirty patients received pain treatment, thus the students could practice their new knowledge.

Training classes on pain and palliative care

In January of this year, we conducted a week-long all day acupuncture course focusing on pain and palliative care at the Hospital of Bathalapalli.

These classes represented the end of our second acupuncture group and also a review and an elaboration on material for the previous group. On this occasion we were pleased to have with us Dr. Kannan, Director of Palliative Services for the Foundation that has joined our projects in India.

Thanks to our work since 2010, we can currently assure that at least nine physicians from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation are able to use acupuncture safely and in a complementary manner for low-income people and those in poor health in the Andhra Pradesh rural areas.  These people are mainly peasants from the lowest caste, the Dalits or the untouchables. Although the caste system has been abolished by law in India, it still has considerable influence and enormous consequences on social, labor, economic as well as health issues.

We are proud of our students’ work and that of our professors and, of course, for the support we have received from friends, colleagues and private individuals in order to carry out this project that is giving important results.

Together with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, we are planning to begin a new acupuncture group for health care personnel in the summer of 2019 and to go on with further study and continuous training for the students who have been studying with the projects.

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